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Will there be Oceans in Heaven?

"And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea."
(Revelation 21:1)

I love the ocean and the sea, and when I read Revelation, which stated that Heaven will have no ocean or sea, I could not help but wonder why.  I always imagined my perfect dwelling place being on the coast somewhere with the gentle sea wind blowing and the sound of the waves hitting the shore.  Yet, the Bible says "...and there was no more sea."  

water now covers most of the earth.
Why will the New Earth Have No More Sea?

While Revelation states that there will be no sea, it does not state that heaven will lack large lakes that stretch on for still large distances.  In fact, I think that Heaven will have plenty of water, but in the form of fresh water.  God created nature and how nature operates.  Water is still an important part of life and water is a beautiful part of the earth.  However, the seas and oceans that exist on Earth are a monster in size and scope.  They take up a massive amount of space.  Most of the Earth is made of water and the oceans have swallowed countless people.  Vast oceans separate families and loved ones and many who have crossed the oceans have never returned to see their families.  Heaven will lack such separation.  We will be able to see our loved ones for eternity.  Traveling back and forth will not present the risk of death or danger that now exists.  

There are countless other planets in the Universe besides Earth.

The new Earth is but only one planet that exists in our infinite solar system.  God is not bound to one planet and surely did not create only one planet that is capable of creating life.  I believe that when sin entered the world, many of the planets that may have had some type of life on them were cut off from mankind's reach.  Mars and other planets in our solar system show signs of holding water.  Science states that there may have indeed been life on these planets.  Perhaps when the garden of Eden existed on Earth, mankind had access to great gardens and seas that existed on nearby celestial bodies, including our moon as well as Mars, Venus, and other celestial formations.  Yet, the earth lost most of its beauty after man was removed from Eden and again after the flood which covered most of the Earth in water.  Before the flood the Earth there was perhaps no sea or large ocean on the Earth at all.  However, we do not know for sure and can only consider such thoughts of what life was like before the flood.  

The universe is massive - far bigger than we can imagine.
Genesis says that the firmament “separated the water under the expanse from the water above it” (Genesis 1:7). Originally, God created the earth with water “under” the sky (terrestrial and subterranean water) and water “above” the sky—possibly a “water canopy” which enwrapped the earth in a protective layer. Or, the waters above the firmament could simply be a reference to clouds.
If there are other planets the universe, surely there are planets that exist with beaches and perhaps even seas.  Scientific sources state:

There are roughly 500 billion galaxies in the universe, meaning there is somewhere in the region of 50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (5×1022) habitable planets. I'll leave you to do the math on whether one of those 50 sextillion planets has [enough beaches and oceans for you to enjoy].
While sometimes the numbers that exist in science are not exact, the truth is, there are a lot of planets out there.  And there are probably many, many more.  Perhaps even an infinite number of planets exist in our infinite universe.  Images grabbed by telescopes and advanced scientific equipment testify to that. God is truly amazing and created a great amount of things when he created the Universe.  The creation of the universe and the order that exists therein was no accident - that's for sure.  

I believe we will be able to enjoy beaches and the ocean when we are in Heaven.

So, if there are even half that many planets in existence, who is to say whether or not any of them would have an ocean or some nice beaches?  Personally, I look at the work that God has done in creating some of the tropical paradises that exist here on Earth and believe that He has a lot in store for us when it comes to Heaven and the places that we will be able to travel to once we meet Him. Having traveled to Costa Rica, Thailand, and Malaysia, Panama, Puerto Rico, the Yucatan, and other gorgeous countries with legendary coastlines, I am inclined to believe that God would not put that kind of beauty away after the Earth has been reshaped and reformed.  In fact, I believe that God has planets of such incredible beauty just out of range of human sight with amazing beaches and seacapes that are just waiting for us.  The new Earth may not have a huge sea, but that does not mean that the entire universe does not.

There are other theories as to the meaning of the verse: "And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea." (Revelation 21:1)

Some believe that the word "sea" represents the distance between us and God.  The verse could be talking about the "sea of space" that separates us from Heaven.  We are told that New Jerusalem, the Holy city of God, will be placed upon the Earth and God will dwell with us.

The Bible Talks About Water Existing On The New Earth.

The Bible mentions that, from God's throne, a river that contains the water of life will flow.
From the throne of God in the center of the city flows the "river of water of life" (Rev. 22:1). And like a banyan tree with multiple trunks, the tree of life grows "on either side of the river." Its twelve fruits contain the vital element the human race has gone without since Adam and Eve had to leave Eden—the antidote for aging, burnout, and simple fatigue (Rev. 22:2; Gen. 3:22). Those who eat the fruit of this tree need no night in which to rest (cf. Rev. 21:25), for in the new earth they will never feel tired. (source:
Much of Earth's beauty is comprised of lakes, rivers, and areas where water is present.  Jesus, himself, enjoyed preaching at the banks of the water.  It is where he met with people and shared the truth about mankind's condition.  God created water when he created the earth.  God also created the creatures of the sea.  While whether and why he would undo such a creation is perhaps out of our knowledge, I tend to believe that there will still be the beauty of water in Heaven, and enough for us to spend an entreaty enjoying.

While the Bible states that "there will be no more sea," I think that the glory of God's universe, with almost infinite planets will provide us with natural wonders that we can not even begin to comprehend.  After all, without God we would have never been able to even imagine what the most beautiful beach would have looked like if it was never formed by His hands.  Heaven is greater than anything we can even begin to imagine.  It is where God lives - it is good enough for Him to call home.  If it is truly that good, we can't even begin to unravel it's greatness.


Have any thoughts about there existing beaches, seas, oceans, and other forms of water in Heaven? What do you think Heaven will be like?  Please feel free to share your comments below.

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